Cosmetic Surgery Pros and Cons

Cosmetic Surgery Pros and Cons

Cosmetic Surgery – The Pros

When considering cosmetic surgery there are many pros and cons.  Usually the person seeking to change their appearance by cosmetic surgery is normally motivated by some psychological issue.  Their physical appearance does not measure up to their mental image.  It could be a nose that is too big, lips too thin, breasts too large or too small, a weak chin or sagging eyelids.  It may be just the effects of time, sun and wind.  One or more items of their physical appearance are weighing on their psyche.  A successful procedure has a tremendous positive impact.  This starts the flywheel of positive self image and confidence.

Another positive is that some surgeries improve appearance and correct/improve physical issues.  One example is the breast reduction procedure.  On the cosmetic side the procedure balances the women’s proportions.  On the physical side, the procedure reduces back pain.  A win-win situation.

Investment in cosmetic surgery can pay off in real dollars.  The most obvious is in the entertainment field.  Women and men have procedures done to keep them looking young, sexy or to enhance certain attributes to insure their continued employment.  In the business field, some executives have procedures done to keep them looking young and “in the game”.

Cosmetic Surgery – The Cons

The first negative is the pain.  Most cosmetic surgeries are invasive and involve the necessity of pain medication.  The recovery period can be as short as a few days and as long as 6 months.  Depending on the type of procedure and the person, pain can be from slight to extreme.

Next are the risks associated with any type of surgery.  Risk of infection, risk of error by the physician and risk of adverse reactions to medications.  There are many cases where the surgery “has gone wrong”.  This can end up with permanent damage to the patient.

The high cost of cosmetic surgery is another negative.  Other than minor procedures like Botox injections and microdermabrasion, most cosmetic surgeries start in the four thousand dollar range and go up.  As most medical insurance does not cover “surgery for cosmetic purposes”, the patient has to come up with the entire payment.

There is always the negative impact of having a surgery done and being unhappy with the results.  The outcome may have been exactly what the physician described, but the patient still is unhappy with the results.

When looking into having cosmetic surgery, do your research and weigh both the pros and cons.  Making this type of decision can be life-altering.  Take your time and seek out the best professionals and make sure you understand all the ramifications.

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