Lifestyle Lift Surgery

What Is lifestyle lift Surgery?

Lifestyle Lift is a procedure that can replace the traditional face lift. It was developed in 2001 to offer an alternative to the traditional invasive plastic surgery procedures.  The procedure is meant to firm sagging facial skin.  The procedure is done under local anesthesia.  Therefore, it is normally cheaper, yet just as effective as traditional cosmetic surgery for specific types of goals.  The Lifestyle Lift normally requires less recovery time.

Doctors are certified to perform a Lifestyle Lift.  This is in contrast to traditional cosmetic surgery that can be performed by any medical physician. The Lifestyle Lift is designed to tighten the muscles in the facial area neck and jaw line.  This is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, jowls, loose skin and eliminate “neck waddle”.  Licensed centers is the only place where you can have the Lifestyle Lift performed.  There are about 40 centers spread across 22 states.

Typically done in the doctor’s office and the procedure normally lasts about an hour. As the patient lies in a reclining chair as the physician performs the procedure.  The procedure includes cutting and removing excess skin.  Depending on the area worked on minimal or no fat is removed.  Instead, muscles are pulled upwards and tied in strategic places to hold the new lines.  This is especially effective on the jaw line.

The patient is normally given a sedative such as valium and stays awake during the procedure.  Be prepared to hear and smell the cutting and sewing of the procedure.  For some people this can be very disconcerting.

Recovery time for the Lifestyle Lift usually takes about a week for return to work or regular activities.  Everyone is different, so the week estimate needs to be taken as an estimate.

Nerve damage is a rare complication of Lifestyle Lift surgery. Occasionally, facial nerve damage can occur due to severing of nerves.  Serious complications of this are almost nonexistent with mild complications being few and far between. Symptoms of facial nerve injury may include increased numbness or tingling. While these symptoms may be experienced after an uncomplicated surgery, an increase in symptoms should be evaluated by a physician.

Cosmetic surgeons licensed to perform Lifestyle Lift often recommend other procedures.  These include eye and brow procedures.  They also can do microdermabrasion and dermabrasion to help smooth the facial skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Results should last as about 10 years.  Dermabrasion and microcermabrasions vary in length of effectiveness and repeat process will depend on each person’s skin conditions.

Research shows about an equal number of praises and complaints from Lifestyle Lift patients.  Key to making sure your Lifestyle Lift is successful is to do your research first.  Check the credentials of the physician and talk with former patients of the particular clinic you are interested in going to.  They will provide you with the most up to date information and how satisfied they were with their experience.


Edit –  April 2013

My wife just had a consultation in Albuquerque.  It appears the technology and practice for the procedure is constantly improving.  She is going to schedule having one this summer.  One of the interesting aspects is the cost.  It appears the LifeStyle Lift franchise is provided for certain areas.  For our doctor, the area runs from El Paso Texas to the Colorado border and includes all of New Mexico.  The quoted cost ran from $7,500 to $11,500.  The range was due to additional procedures that included a laser skin treatment.  This price puts the procedure at the lower end of the cost compared to traditional plastic surgeons.  I will update after the procedure.

 May 12, 2013

My wife is scheduled for May 20th.  Look for the followup posts about the experience and results.

 Edit – May 22, 2013

My wife went in on Monday, May 20th and had the procedure.  She also had the laser treatment.  The first two days have been difficult for her.  The combination of pain and getting nausea from the Vicodin has not been a fun combination.  She did look at herself today with out the bandages and she is already pleased with the results.  Her doctor is quite accomplished and the staff were very professional.  She gets her stitches out next Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). 

Edit – May 29th, 2013

Yesterday my wife had her stitches out.  She was apprehensive and worried it would be painful.  She went back with the nurse and was done in 10 minutes.  She said it was not nearly as bad as she thought it would be.  There was only one place a scab had formed and it was the only “owie” she had.  

One of the things she did besides keeping ice on her face was to follow the cleaning and ointment application to the letter.  I helped to clean and apply the ointment.  This kept scabs from forming and infection away.

The nurse was surprised and pleased at how well my wife looked after just a week.  My wife attributes the fast recovery to several things.  First, the skill of the doctor.  He was fast and very good at what he does.  Next, keeping ice on.  We purchased several ice bags so the cold ones could replace the warm ones.  Finally, keeping the stitches clean and covered in ointment.

She still has to sleep sitting up.  When she bends over, she does get pain as the blood rushes to her head.  I will have to tie her shoes for a few more days.

Edit – May 29, we did go out and had breakfast and ran errands around town.  Her stamina is increasing and she is hoping to start walking (we walk an hour five days a week) again next week.

 Edit – June 8, 2013 – Recovery is moving forward.  No more pain except when bending over and having blood rush to the head region.  Scars starting to fade.

Started walking two days ago and no problems.  The only issue is sunglasses can be uncomfortable at times.  Next doctor’s visit is the first of July.


Here is a quick video talking about QuickLift, Lifestyle Lift and Mini Facelift:


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